Core Courses

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Personal Leadership in the University
LEAD 1961W

In this 3-credit, writing intensive course, students examine their own views of leadership, explore the differences between personal and positional leadership, examine leadership ethics and values, and analyze their own leadership strengths and skills. Typically, students of freshman and sophomore status register for this course, however, any student who plans to pursue the Minor, even those who are juniors or seniors, must complete this course before registering for Leadership, You, and Your Community (formerly PA 1961W / OLPD 1301W)

Leadership, You, and Your Community
LEAD 3961

During the second 3-credit course in the sequence, students focus on the questions: How do effective leaders identify complexities within complex systems in order to create positive systemic change? and What is community, how is it cultivated, and how does it shape the work of leadership? At this level, students examine leadership from a multidimensional perspective and critically examine leadership theories in authentic, complex community settings. Students must complete this course before applying to the Leadership Minor Field Experience (formerly PA 3961/ OLPD 3302).

Leadership Minor: Field Experience
LEAD 3971 / LEAD 3972

The field experience/practicum is an project-based course providing practical leadership situations for students to apply the theories and concepts learned in previous courses. This course focuses on key concepts of adaptive leadership and students issues identified by the local community. Eight Field Experiences are offered: Youth and Education, Social Enterprise, Health Equity, Environment and Sustainability, Arts and Media, along with 3 summer internship experiences in the Twin Cities, New York City and San Francisco. This 3-credit course must be completed before registering for the Leadership for Global Citizenship course (formerly PA 3971 / OLPD 3306 / OLPD 3316). Students officially declare the Leadership Minor when they begin the Field Experience.

Leadership for Global Citizenship
LEAD 4961W

Leadership for Global Citizenship is the final capstone course for the Leadership Minor and is taken after the field experience course in students’ final year before graduation. In this upper-division, 3-credit, writing-intensive, capstone course, students pull together the threads of leadership theory and practice they have been working with over the course of the Leadership Minor and apply it to intercultural systems thinking in a global and local context. In addition, students gain experience working with diverse leaders from around the world, mapping systems and planning their own global leadership path within their specific field, while also fulfilling their global perspectives liberal education requirement (formerly PA 4961W / OLPD 4303W).