The Leadership Minor offers advising. To set up an advising appointment contact and indicate how we can assist you. In case you do not want to make an appointment, check out our FAQs below.



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What is the Leadership Minor?

It is an energizing program that introduces students to leadership theories while also giving them hands-on community leadership experience. It consists of four core courses:

  1. Personal Leadership in the University
  2. Leadership and Your Community
  3. The Leadership Minor Field Experience
  4. Leadership for Global Citizenship

PLUS electives!

Do I have to be a leader to take the classes?

Good news, we think that you already are a leader!  We believe that leadership is everywhere and not just tied to “leadership” positions.  Whether you are a family member, roommate, student group member, employee or friend -- you have valuable leadership experience to contribute and new ideas of leadership to explore.

What major do I need to have to declare the Leadership Minor?

Our tagline is: Major in anything and Minor in Leadership! so the answer is - ANY major!  Our classes host students from across the university. From Food Science to Finance, the Leadership Minor prepares you to thrive in any field of study.

Is the workload difficult?

It depends!  We focus on relationship building, reflection, collaboration, and practicing change that can be difficult throughout all four classes.  We’ll ask you to think deeply about yourself, write in reflective ways, engage fully in class conversations and activities, work on group projects, and practice academic research and communication.  Our instructors and Leadership Minor Interns care deeply about your growth and will also remind you that you’ll get out of class what you put into it!

Are these classes different from other undergraduate classes at the U? How?

Leadership Minor courses begin with community.  In our small classes (26 students or less), we work hard to learn names, stories, strengths and talents about each other.  Our courses are personal, conversational and explore the leadership dynamics occurring within the class itself as ‘case study’ or ‘laboratory’ for analyzing and practicing course content. Our dynamic class interactions will change the way you think about yourself and leadership on campus.

What if a course I need is closed or it won't let me register?

Contact the instructor of the course you want to join. They will help you determine if you can be added to the class and how.

I'm really busy and have a tight schedule, can I still take the Leadership Minor

Reach out to us! Our Leadership Minor advisers would be happy to help you work the Leadership Minor into your schedule. All four core courses are also offered during the summer term to offer more flexibility to students who have a tight schedule. 

Which electives are approved?

Reference our up-to-date list of approved electives.

If you can’t find an elective from this list or believe you have taken a course that should be approved as an elective, ask to meet with one of our advisors by emailing us at

How do I declare the Leadership Minor?

Simply start taking leadership Minor classes!  You’ll take the first two courses (LEAD 1961W in one semester, then LEAD 3961 in another semester).  Once you get to LEAD 3971, you’ll be asked to declare the minor in the first few weeks of class and have it added to your academic record.

Can I take the Leadership Minor classes as part of an Inter-college program?

Yes!  If you are interested in making Leadership a part of your custom interdisciplinary program, our staff will work with you and the other staff and faculty from across the University to design a valuable program that suits your needs. 

 Email to request a meeting!

What are some common advising discussion points?

  • Leadership Minor program requirements, core courses and electives
  • Declaring the Leadership Minor (done during LEAD 3971)
  • Fitting the Leadership Minor into your degree plan and reviewing your APAS
  • Special degree proposals like IDP, BIS or ICP 
  • Using study abroad as an elective for the Leadership Minor
  • Leadership Minor study abroad and internship programs
  • Connecting to other university resources like affinity groups, mental health support, financial aid, etc.

Can I take two core Leadership Minor classes at the same time?

Each of our core classes builds on the content and skills of the previous core classes and can’t be taken concurrently.  Plan to take only one core class per semester.  Our only exception is for students to take LEAD 3971 and LEAD 4961W together in the summer of their graduation.

How should I space out the core classes?

If possible, we encourage you to take about one core class per year, which can help you integrate leadership skills into your life all throughout your college experience.  That said, you can still take core classes one right after the other (ex. LEAD 1961W in fall, LEAD 3961 in spring, LEAD 3971 in summer).  We encourage you to wait until your senior year to take the final core class: LEAD 4961W

If I don’t have time to do the full Leadership Minor, can I still take a few of the classes?

Though the full Leadership Minor provides the most robust learning through personal, community and global leadership through all four classes, you will still practice useful life and leadership skills in each class.  You'll also enhance each class by being in it!  

Each class will provide valuable practice that is applicable and worth mentioning on resumes and in interviews.  Employers are often interested in talking about our classes!  Our advisors would love to talk to you about how you can fit in as many classes as you’d like to take.

What are the requirements of the Leadership Minor?

To complete the Leadership Minor, you’ll take and pass four core classes plus one elective class taken at any time.  There are no prerequisites to begin the first class (LEAD 1961W).  Students declare the Leadership Minor during the third core class (LEAD 3971).