Study Abroad

Bali, Indonesia (May Term)

The Leadership Minor along with the University is closely monitoring COVID-19 and its progression. As of now, the Bali Study Abroad trip is still proceeding as planned. As of March 9, 2020, there are much fewer cases in Indonesia than there are in the US and we are communicating with students regularly.

This 4000-level study abroad course explores leadership development as related to global citizenship. It is designed for students who are interested in exploring topics and themes of leadership and happiness in a different cultural context, and how globalization influences culture. Specifically, this course will take students to Bali, Indonesia. The course will utilize the history, sites, people and agencies of Ubud, Sanur, and Kerambitan, and more. Students will explore and learn about those communities and how culture affects leadership and the social constructs of happiness. Students will use their knowledge of leadership to examine the current opportunities and challenges the Balinese face, and will interact with local leaders and citizens who are working to make change in the community. Learn more & apply hereDepending on budget, financial awards may be available to Leadership Minor students participating in this program. This course will automatically fulfill the Leadership Minor elective credit.

You can learn more about this course and follow our adventures on Instagram.

Other LEAD Study Abroad opportunities:

We also offer the opportunity to study Leadership and Social Change in an international setting. Currently this course is being offered in Ireland and Northern Ireland in January. You can find more information about this opportunity by clicking here. This course will automatically fulfill the Leadership Minor elective credit. 

Study Abroad Elective Credits

Other study abroad courses can still fulfill the elective requirements for the Leadership Minor, depending on the length and type of course and experience:

  • If you take a "LEAD" study abroad (above), the course will count as an elective automatically
  • If you go on a study abroad experience for academic credit for 6+ weeks, you can add the 1-credit online course OLPD 3330 called Global Identity. Completing this course will signal to us that you are using this study abroad experience as your elective, and we will manually update your record after you complete the course. 
  • For study abroad experiences that are shorter than 6 weeks, OLPD 3330 is not offered, so you will have to work with our program advisor to get the course approved as a possible elective and complete some other reflective work. 
  • If you are in LEAD courses and have not yet declared the Leadership Minor officially, we still encourage you to work with us and/or take the OLPD 3330 class. Then, we will update your record after you've declared. 
  • The hope for this change is that students are proactive in deciding on their leadership development pathways.