LEAD 3961: Leadership, You, and Your Community

Course Information


Leadership, You, and Your Community is the second course you will take in the Leadership Minor. You will work on group projects to practice your leadership skills you have learned about in the first course.

Capped at 26 students for a small class size environment, this course is highly interactive. You will continue to learn about yourself and your contributions to a group. You will also create your own community with your peers. With a focus on community, you will also expand your knowledge on how your community and leadership intersect.

The course features group tasks, reflections, and two major group projects:

  • Complexity of Belonging Paper: this group research paper focuses on how different populations experience a sense of belonging on college campuses
  • One Community Project: this group presentation focuses on how different organizations maintain and sustain a sense of belonging, applying the class concepts to “real life”


You can take Leadership, You, and Your Community in the fall or spring semesters.


Many sections are face to face, and we are refining a blended version of the course that is partially online and partially face to face.

With the developments of COVID-19 unfolding, we are also committed to creating a strong learning experience regardless of the instruction method.


Leadership, You, and Your Community is an opportunity to not only continue working on your own personal leadership skills, but understand how those skills work in a group setting as well. You will be given the opportunity to work in different groups, and receive feedback from members about how you affected the group. It not only helps you learn about your strengths and weaknesses, but also how to work with those who are different from yourself.

In the spring of 2020, 100% of students said they would recommend the course to their peers.