The Leadership Minor offers two levels of advising: peer advising and staff advising. Both options are available to students who are already enrolled in our programs as well as those who are interested in learning more about them.

If you would like to meet with a staff adviser, be sure to mention this in your email, phone call or visit; otherwise, our peer advisers will do their best to answer your questions. Below, you can see some common questions and concerns that people have and whether or not they typically fall under the category of peer advising or staff advising.

Peer Advising

Our peer advisors are students who work in the Leadership Minor office. They can answer most questions concerning the Leadership Minor and other leadership-related opportunities. More specifically, if you have question or concerns about the following topics, we suggest you contact a peer adviser:

  • The Leadership Minor classes and the Leadership Minor course progression
  • Program requirements, elective credits, and processes to apply or declare
  • Course locations, prerequisites, meeting times
  • Study abroad and internship opportunities
  • Opportunities to be a Leadership Minor Intern (LMI)
  • Utilizing University tools and services such as APAS reports or Student Mental Health
  • General registration questions

Staff Advising

If you have highly specific questions or concerns, scheduling an appointment to meet with one of our staff advisers might be a better route. Examples of these include:

  • Exceptions to program requirements and course progression
  • Special degree proposals like IDP, BIS or ICP
  • Personal graduation plans
  • Technical fixes (for example, there is an error on your student record)
  • Specific study abroad questions

If you would like to meet with a staff advisor, be sure to explicitly mention that in your email, call, or visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I make a peer advising appointment?

Thank you for your interest in working with one of our peer advisors. In light of current events, our peer advisor procedures have changed, and cases are currently being managed on a case-by-case basis. Please email and include your name, contact information, and how we can help. Our student staff will review it and get back to you with next steps!

How do I make a staff advising appointment?

To make a staff advising appointment, send an email with the following information to from your U of M Email Account.

  • Subject: Staff Advising Request
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Student ID Number
  • Your x500 Email 
  • Reason for appointment (What will be discussed, why a staff member vs a student advisor?)

What is the Leadership Minor?

It is an energizing program that introduces students to leadership theories while also giving them hands-on community leadership experience. It consists of four core courses:

  1. Personal Leadership in the University
  2. Leadership and Your Community
  3. The Leadership Minor Field Experience
  4. Leadership for Global Citizenship

PLUS electives!

Do I have to be a leader to take the classes?

No. These classes will help you realize your own personal style of interacting with people as well as introduce to you new ways of thinking about social situations and leadership.

What major do I need to have to declare the Leadership Minor?

“Major in anything and Minor in Leadership” Any undergraduate student can earn a Leadership Minor. Every discipline needs global leaders. Our classes host students from across the University. From Food Science to Finance, the Leadership Minor prepares you to thrive in any field of study.

Is the workload difficult?

Two of the core minor classes meet the University’s writing intensive requirement, so a fair amount of writing is necessary. However, a healthy amount of your writing will be reflective which means you will be gaining insight by evaluating your own thoughts, behaviors, and interests.

Are these classes different from other undergraduate classes at the U? How?

Yes. Leadership Minor courses are designed to capitalize on the leadership dynamics occurring within the class itself as ‘case study’ or ‘laboratory’ for analyzing and practicing course content. The smaller class sizes help to foster interactions that will change the way you think about yourself and leadership on a campus.

What if a course that I need is closed or won't let me register?

If you would like to get into a closed course (during normal registration periods), you should contact the professor of the course directly and ask for a permission number, or add yourself to the waitlist. If you are trying to register for an open course, but are told you need a permission number, contact the professor of the course directly and ask for a permission number.

I'm really busy and have a tight schedule, can I still take the Leadership Minor?

Our Leadership Minor advisers love working one-on-one with students to help them work the Leadership Minor into their schedules. Both the Intro course and the Field Experience course are offered during Summer term to offer more flexibility to students. Even if students do not have time to complete the entire program, we have found that students still find our Intro course to be extremely worthwhile!

Which electives are approved?

The most up-to-date list of approved electives can be found here.

How do I declare the Leadership Minor?

Getting started in the Minor is easy – just sign up for the 1000-level class. The official declaration of the Leadership Minor takes places during the first few weeks of your Field Experience (3rd in the progression of the 4 core courses) when a Leadership Minor staff member will visit your class to invite you to officially declare Leadership Minor and have it added to your academic record.

Can I take the Leadership Minor classes as part of an Inter-College Program?

Yes. If you are interested in making Leadership a part of your custom interdisciplinary program, our staff is interested in working with you and the other staff and faculty from across the University to design a valuable program.