Leadership Enrichment Programs

What We Do

Leadership Enrichment Programs is committed to providing outside of the classroom leadership development experiences for University of Minnesota students. These programs intend to focus on building student leadership competencies through a wide array of programs and experiences which vary in format, timing, length, and potential audience. We are committed to creating a sense of belonging for all students, and we believe that all students have the capacity to be leaders. 

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Who We Are

Aaron Asmundson
Aaron Asmundson (He/Him)
Program Director

Aaron is the Program Director for Leadership Enrichment Programs, and he oversees and coordinates all aspects of what we do. He has worked at the U of M since 2000, and has spent the last 16 years working directly with leadership development programming for students, including teaching courses in the Leadership Minor. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Music and Psychology from Augustana University and a Master's Degree in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University.

Fun Fact: In his free time, he teaches yoga and would love to see you in a yoga class!

Contact me by email at asmun001@umn.edu!

Rhema Dapaah
Rhema Dapaah (She/Her)
First-Year Leadership Institute Facilitator

Currently, Rhema works as a Supervisor at Ameriprise Financial and with the U.S. Census Bureau. A lot of the intention behind her work and how she supports her team comes from what their strengths and areas of opportunity are. She finds herself in a lot of meetings and conversations being mindful of her phrasing - using "and" instead of "but", and sharing more personal challenges as a way to create relationships and visibility at a large company. Serving as Facilitator for this year's FYLI program is an honor and a very exciting opportunity for her. Her first year at the University was largely shaped by the people and activities of the program.

Fun Fact: Her niece is her favorite person in the world, and she no longer has any idea what "free time" is since her niece was born. The "terrible twos" is a real thing she is learning.

Contact me by email at fyli@umn.edu!

Brynn Thompson
Brynn Thompson (She/Her)
First-Year Leadership Institute Student Associate

Brynn studies Business and Marketing Education in CEHD with minors in Communication Studies and Leadership. She has been a figure skater for the past 12 years, loves playing golf in her free time, was a tour guide this past year, loved traveling/living in Germany for a month a couple years. She loved it so much, she plans on going to Europe next year!

Fun Fact: She is a huge planner and one thing she has been planning for a while is getting a Mini Border Collie/Australian Shepard Mix after she graduates! She also want to get a small orange cat and name them Nemo!

Contact me by email at fyli@umn.edu!

Becca Bergner
Becca Bergner (She/Her)
Leadership in Careers Program Facilitator

Becca has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Communication Studies and a Master's Degree in Human Resources from the University of Minnesota. She now teaches in the Leadership Minor and helps run the Leadership in Careers program with the Leadership Enrichment Programs office.

Fun Fact: She loves lipstick, lattes, and leadership, so talk to her about your favorite make-up brands, coffee shops, and icebreakers!

Contact me by email at linc@umn.edu!

Justin Goetz
Justin Goetz (He/Him)
Leadership in Careers Student Associate

Justin serves as a support force in the office, from managing resources to organizing program events and meetings for the LEP and Leadership Minor departments, he does a little bit of everything. He is a sophomore double majoring in Political Science and Strategic Communications with minors in Leadership and Management. As an Influencer, he uses his strengths of Command, Significance, Woo, Communication and Input to foster engagement and inspire his teammates.

Fun Fact: Justin has a heart for volleyball, and you can catch him constantly practicing at the RecWell before his intramural games! 

Contact me by email at lead@umn.edu!

Allie Bornstein
Allie Bornstein (She/Her)
Tom Burnett Leadership Program Facilitator

Allie studied Finance & Risk Management at the University of Minnesota, although her favorite classes were Business Communication, The History of Evolution, and Introduction to Feminism. She started her career in public accounting, but quickly found she prefers working with people rather than numbers. She transitioned careers 7 years ago to become an Executive Search Consultant, helping people find jobs and companies find people, and hasn't looked back since!

Fun Fact: She "has no chill", loves to cook, is learning Norwegian, and is obsessed with her brother's dog. She likes people who are kind and make this world a more loving place.

Contact me at lead@umn.edu

Eric White
Eric White (He/Him)
Tom Burnett Leadership Program Facilitator

By day, Eric works in finance for an e-retailer, by night he and his two best friends run their own sunglasses brand, wubo. He loves spending time with his wife (Amy), dog (Lando), and his family/friends. As a facilitator, Eric strives to encourage vibrant conversation among the cohort, to strike a balance between challenging students and supporting them, and to coach each student to take steps to continue their momentum post-graduation.

Fun Fact: He gets outside every single day (walking, hiking, biking), no matter the weather! Eric also enjoys playing the ukulele and painting.

Contact me by email at lead@umn.edu!

Aavni Varadhan
Aavni Varadhan (She/Her)
Student Leadership Summit Student Associate

Aavni is a Leadership Student Associate that works on supporting, developing, and managing the Leadership Enrichment Programs and the Leadership Minor Department. She is also involved in developing the Student Leadership Summit to provide personal development experiences for students. Aavni is a freshman majoring in Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development with a minor in Leadership studies and Technical Communications and Writing. 

Fun Fact: She is obsessed with finding new, cute, and quirky coffee shops in the cities!

Contact me by email at leadsummit@umn.edu!