Strategic Partnership

With the full support of Provost Karen Hanson and the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Undergraduate Leadership Minor is transitioning from its current partnership with the Office of Student Affairs, College of Education and Human Development, and the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The new formal partnership for the minor will be between the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Undergraduate Education. This will allow our program to expand to reach more students with the important messages that come with leadership.

The Undergraduate Leadership Minor’s strategic partnership within the University of Minnesota is core to its identity and mission. The conceptual idea to create the minor originated from an OSA assessment of student needs and interests related to leadership development. Housed within the Office of Student Affairs with academic partner the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Undergraduate Leadership Minor is uniquely structured within the University allowing for its activities to be a unique blend of both academic rigor and student support.

The Partnership Structure Drives the Leadership Minor’s Work:

  • The program activities are a unique blend of academic rigor and student support
  • Able to leverage resources and expertise from academic and non-academic units
  • The program appeals to a diverse group of students and creates a multidisciplinary learning environment where students gain an understanding of leadership across disciplines and contexts
  • Our multidisciplinary structure guides our collaborative culture and behavior, allowing for the program to collaborate with many units (i.e CIE; OFYP) across the University as well as serve as a test site for various pilot projects.
  • The program curriculum translates theory to practice; Student Development Theory and Cognitive Development Theory aligns well with Personal Leadership Development Theory
Leadership Minor Partnership Graphic