Study Abroad

Student Holding a CoconutBali, Indonesia (May Term)
This 4000-level study abroad course explores leadership development as related to global citizenship. It is designed for students who are interested in exploring topics and themes of leadership and happiness in a different cultural context. Specifically, this course will take students to Bali, Indonesia, and utilize the history, sites, people and agencies of Ubud, Sanur, and Kuta, to explore and learn about those communities as well as how culture affects leadership and the social constructs of happiness. Students will use their knowledge of leadership—particularly the notions of community, intercultural leadership, and social constructs of happiness—to examine the current opportunities and challenges the Balinese face. Students will interact with local community leaders who are working to make change, as well as citizens in the community. Learn more & apply hereDepending on budget, financial awards may be available to Leadership Minor students participating in this program.


Cape Town, South Africa (May Term)
Financial awards are available to Leadership Minor students participating in the 3 week long South Africa May Term program.

Financial Awards for Study Abroad & Internships

Awards shown below are the total amount that was/will be dispursed to students. Students can receive up $1,800.

Annual Total of Awards Granted:

2017: 48,800
2016: 42,200
2015: 38,300
2014: 51,200