Leadership Minor Interns


Student leaders playing BARNGA leadership teaching game
Student leaders playing BARNGA leadership teaching game

Being a Leadership Minor Intern (LI’s) in the Leadership Minor is a powerful way to expand a student’s leadership skill set. Our LIs go beyond taking attendance and answering questions by having opportunities to step outside of their comfort zone and expand their knowledge of leadership theory and strengthen their skill sets in leadership practice, teaching and facilitation. Throughout the semester, our LIs get a behind the scenes look of our course curriculum and program design and have the opportunity to shape and enhance the course experience of their peers.

In addition to receiving a stipend, Leadership Minor Interns learn skills like course design, lesson planning, mentorship and guidance, facilitation, and are invited to an abundance of professional development opportunities, trainings and workshops.

Formally established in 2012, the Leadership Minor’s Intern Program has realized significant growth and success.

2012-2013 (26 LMIs)
2013-2014 (40 - 54% Increase)
2014-2015 (54 - 35% Increase)
2015-2016 (71 - 31.5% Increase)

What are LMIs saying about their experience?

“The thing I enjoyed most about being a TA is getting to be an aid in the development of the students. Getting to help the instructors think about how to effectively teach the students leadership concepts and watching the connections happen is such a rewarding process.” Ryan Nugent, Fall 2015 LMI

“I enjoyed being able to experience the class from another role, in this case as a member of the teaching team. This allowed me the insight on what it really takes to put the class together, and the difficulties it sometimes may present. Also, I really enjoyed the teaching team that I was a part of. They were all great people!” Carlo Franco, Fall 2015 LMI

“I enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes work that went into facilitating this class and the relationship that were formed with the professor and students. I love getting to see how things work and seeing all of the details that go into the planning of a program. Relationships are my biggest value in life and I always like creating new ones.”