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Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life & LEAD-UP Director
Linnette Werner is the Director of the Undergraduate Leadership Minor at the University of Minnesota. She started working with the Leadership Minor in 2001, when she was asked to join the teaching staff of the newly created Undergraduate Leadership Minor. With a background in Educational Policy and Administration, teaching, the arts, and leadership, Dr. Werner was then asked to work with the minor to align the curriculum of the new minor to the civic engagement mission of the University of Minnesota, increase the capacity of the minor, provide instructor mentoring, and begin research initiatives. Starting (in 2002) with a total of 251 students per year in two sections of the introductory course and one section of each of the upper core courses, the Leadership Minor has now increased capacity to serve over 1,300 undergraduates per year. The number of sections of core courses has increased from 5 sections in 2002 to over 60 sections each year.

In 2007, the Leadership Minor at the University of Minnesota became the first undergraduate Leadership Minor in the nation to begin adopting the Heifetz model of teaching leadership. Based on the innovative and adaptive teaching techniques documented in the book, Leadership Can Be Taught (Parks, 2005), Dr. Werner and a small group of Leadership Minor instructors began to adapt the work of Heifetz and his colleagues at Harvard to be equally effective with undergraduates. Based on programmatic research and evaluation, the adaptation has been extremely successful.



Interim Director of the Leadership Minor
Christine VeLure Roholt began teaching the Field Experience Youth and Education course for the Leadership Minor in 2007 while also serving as the Director of Research for an interactive design firm. Her passion for working with youth opened opportunities to work locally and internationally. She taught ELL for many years in Japan and Saint Paul. She also lived Belfast, Northern Ireland and Amman, Jordan working with young people in divided and contested spaces (throughout Europe and the Middle East) to build their leadership capacities for social change within their communities. Christine lives in NE Minneapolis on a block that embodies community and enjoys cooking, traveling and doing mind-bending sudoku.
Evonne Bilotta-Burke


Instructor On-Boarding & Development Coordinator and Teaching Specialist
Evonne Bilotta-Burke is the Instructor On-Boarding and Development Coordinator and Teaching Specialist for the Leadership Minor Office. She holds a Master of Liberal Studies, an interdisciplinary degree with a focus of video production, theatrical direction, and minority cultural patterns. She is author of the semi-documentary script, Inside the Gate: Perspectives of a Protest; based on the 1988 and 2006 Gallaudet Presidential protests, a work chosen as the University of Minnesota’s Rarig Performing Arts Center 2007 Diverse Voices Project. She has been presenting for the last 15 years on local, regional, and national platforms. She considers herself a cat and dog person, loves a good rainstorm, and is an avid watcher of sunsets.


Academic Systems Coordinator
Anna Capeder (DeBower) is an alum of the Leadership Minor program. She joined the University of Minnesota's Undergraduate Leadership Minor staff in 2015 and serves as the Academic Systems Coordinator. In this role, Anna oversees a variety of office programs and processes, including: the Leadership Minor Intern program, course scheduling, adjunct instructor contracts, office/administrative projects, events/conferences, and the Leadership Minor Associates. Currently, Anna is working towards a Master's degree in Adult Education.


Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator
Jessica Chung first connected with the Leadership Minor in 2011 and has been passionate about leadership education since. Since receiving her Master’s degree at Bowling Green State University, Jessica began teaching in two core courses, developing curriculum, advising Leadership Minor students, supporting instructor training, and overseeing recruitment efforts. She strives to infuse her work with curiosity for the way the human brain learns and thinks, the impacts of social media and technology on teaching and living, and student engagement. She is also a calligraphy, martial arts, and coffee enthusiast.


Teaching Specialist & Level Coordinator Support
Maggie Harris joined the Leadership Minor in 2010. She holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and teaches all core courses across the Minor, as well as a study abroad course. Maggie worked for over a decade as the founder and executive director of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and, prior to that, with Houghton Mifflin and Yale University supporting funding and research for public schools. She has served as a board member for multiple organizations and has dedicated her time as a leadership consultant to over one hundred universities, schools, corporations, and nonprofit groups across the United States and Canada. Maggie has been honored as a Girl Scouts Centennial Woman of Promise, is the recipient of the B. Warren Hart Award for Public Service, and was one of the Ten Outstanding Minnesotans of 2011. She infuses her experience with and dedication to leadership development into dynamic, engrossing curriculum development and classroom instruction. When not adoring her time with her partner and children, Maggie travels extensively and has lived and worked in 5 different countries. Her international experiences drive her passion and practice in developing global leaders.


Instructor Coordinator
David Hellstrom has been working in higher education in various leadership capacities over the last 25 years. His current work in leadership has focused on curriculum innovation and engineering in the Leadership Minor at the University of Minnesota, where he has collaborated with the department to create hands-on development tools, bringing many of the lessons in Leadership Can Be Taught to the undergraduate experience. In addition, as a national leadership trainer and speaker, David has been the keynote speaker at more than 300 colleges and universities in the last two decades on leadership and engagement for emerging leaders. David’s efforts have brought him an Omni Education Award, an appearance on the TODAY Show with Katie Couric. Both as a speaker and as a teacher of leadership to undergraduates, David’s audiences and classes describe him as funny, curious, engaging, and truly passionate about what leadership means and how it can be taught.


Program Evaluation Coordinator
Kate Kessenich serves as the Program Evaluation Coordinator and Teaching Specialist for Undergraduate Leadership Minor. Also an alumni of the Leadership Minor, Kate began working as a graduate assistant for the program in 2012 while pursuing her Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Public Policy from the Carlson School of Management and the Humphrey School of Public affairs. Now working for the Leadership Minor in a full-time capacity, Kate leads the department’s program evaluation informing data-driven decision making and strategic planning. Additionally, she assists with the design, development and marketing of its leadership programs and teaches the Personal Leadership in the University course as well as the Social Enterprise Field Experience course. Passionate about systems thinking, social entrepreneurship, human-centric design and community and economic development, Kate strives to strengthen cross-sector collaborative efforts to solve complex social issues. Prior to her work with the Leadership Minor, Kate worked as the Field Operations Director in Tanzania for an international development organization serving disadvantaged youth. She serves as chair on a corporate foundation's board and enjoys traveling, yoga, ceramics, and playing music in her free time.

Brianne Johnson

Learning Technologies Coordinator & Teaching Specialist

As the Learning Technologies Coordinator for the Leadership Minor, Brianne seeks to create vibrant online courses and programs that serve learners' diverse needs. She has been teaching online courses for the Leadership Minor since 2014. Brianne earned a Master of Arts degree for Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State University in 2013. Access and persistence of low-income, first-generation students in postsecondary education were her primary interests in graduate school; she completed specific coursework, study abroad, and practicums on leadership, finance, student development, and learning in postsecondary contexts. Beyond her passion for online learning, Brianne enjoys gardening, food science, and cooking.