Major in Anything, Minor in Leadership.

Welcome to the Leadership Minor!

The University of Minnesota Undergraduate Leadership Minor is among the oldest and largest Undergraduate Leadership Programs in the nation. As a department, we draw interest from local, national, and international organizations regarding our unique Intentional Emergence teaching style. We have compiled this site as a way for you as a student, educator, or guest to gain useful information on our program. We look forward to meeting you!

The Undergraduate Leadership Minor at the University of Minnesota consists of 17 credits. This includes 12 core course credits and 5 elective credits. Our core courses are listed here and must be taken in sequential order. The 5 elective credits can consist of ANY study abroad credit or any of the accepted electives listed here.

Elective & Declaration Change

The Leadership Minor is in the process of changing our accepted electives, as well as credits earned from Study Abroad programs. Due to this, students may be eligible to declare the Minor this semester in order to be held to the previous standard. For more information on the elective change and declaration process, please see this page.

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