Summer 2016 University Rundowns

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2016 Summer Proceedings

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2016 Schedule

Day 1 – Thursday

3:00pm         Welcome / Teambuilders

4:00pm         Who are we?

7:30pm         Trust-building activities


Day 2 – Friday

8:30am         Breakfast

9:00am         Successes / Challenges we face

10:45am       Who are we as a collaborative?

1:15pm          Break-out into functional areas – Purpose

2:30pm         Bathroom break

2:45pm         Evidence-based practice – large group discussion.

4pm               Coffee, snacks, networking

4:30               Where are we going and why?

5:30pm         Break and Prep for dinner

7pm                Dinner


Day 3 – Saturday

8:30am       Breakfast

9:30am       What do future experiences look like?

11:00am       Closing and exchange contact

12:30pm      Depart