Big Ten Leadership Educators’ Network Summit

July 31st to August 2nd, 2018

University of Minnesota

President’s Room

Coffman Memorial Union

Tuesday July 31:

Theme for the Day: Setting the Context

Noon to 1:00pm: Registration open, President’s Room (room 332), Coffman Memorial Union

1:00pm – Welcome

Maggie Towle  – Vice Provost for Student Affairs – University of Minnesota

Linnette Werner and Erik Dussault

1:45pm – Intro and get to know you activities (Barb)

3:15pm – Break

3:30pm – Setting things up (Matt)

4:30pm – Campus Issues (Kris)

6:30pm – Dinner the Loring


Wednesday, August 1  

Theme for the Day: Using the MSL Across the Big10

Breakfast on your own (See suggestions in your folder and welcome email)

9:00 am – Welcome and regroup (Erik & Linnette)

9:30am – Multi-institutional Study of Leadership (Beth/Sophie)

10:30am – Break

10:45am – MSL What We’ve Learned (Sophia/Beth/Krista)

12:00 pm – Lunch (in President’s Room)

12:30 — Optional tour of campus or union

1:00pm – Sharing MSL Data

Writing for publication – (Krista)

Data Visualization 101 – (Beth)

3:00pm – Break

3:15pm – Good Practices in Leadership Assessment Across the Big 10

Ill Assessment (Gayle, Beth)

Michigan Analytics Salesforce (Steve)

Wi (Barb)

UNL (Kris)

4:00pm – Professional Development (Gayle/Kris)

What conferences do you go to?

Session submissions — let’s work on some together

5:30 pm – Dinner:  Sally’s


Thursday, August 2 –

Theme for the Day: Summary and Future Planning

Breakfast on your own (see suggested list in your folder and welcome email)

9:00 am – Compiling our knowledge (Steve)

10:00am – Succession Planning for future Summit (Matt, Erik)

10:50 am – Closing (Linnette/Erik)

11:00am – End of 2018 Summit

2017 Big Ten Leadership Summit

Held at the University of Illinois

August 1st to August 3rd, 2017

The mission of this Summit is to curate a “Leadership Blueprint”, so that we as Big 10 educators can come together philosophically to collaborate.




Tuesday August 1st – LENS Roadmap

Leadership Education on our Individual Campuses

Meeting in the Quad Room

Meals in the Technology Room

10 am- 12:45 pm- Conference Registration (outside the Quad Room)

12:45 pm – Mingle and seating

1:00 pm – Welcome

1:15 pm Skype with Bruce Jackson (from C. Charles Jackson Foundation)

1:45 pm – Intros and Getting to Know You

2:30 pm- Break

2:45 pm – Team-building Activity (Illinois Leadership Center Staff)

5:00 pm – Roadmap for rest of LENS

5:30 pm – Dinner with guest:  Peter Kucinke (Illinois Professor)  

6:30 pm – What’s happening in the Big Ten

8:00 pm – Networking/Mingle Opportunity

Wednesday, August 2nd – Adjusting the LENS

Leadership Education in the Big 10

Meeting in the Quad Room

Meals in the Technology Room

7:30- 9 am– Breakfast

9:00 am – Inter-association leadership education collaborative

10:45 am – Break

11:00 am – Continuing the Conversation and Generating Solutions

12:30 pm – Lunch (Guests:  Vernon Wall and Kristen Young from LeaderShape)

2:30 pm – How do you stay relevant on your campus?

3:45 pm – Break

4:00 pm – Uncommon solutions to our challenges

5:30 pm – Dinner

7:00 pm – Networking (includes trip to Jarling’s Custard Cup!)

Thursday, August 3rd – Telescope LENS

Leadership Development as a Field

Meeting in the Humanities Room

Meals in the Knowledge Room

7:30- 9 am– Breakfast

9:00 am- What’s next and how we move forward?  What opportunities exist for us to collaborate?

10:15 am – Tangible Collaboration: report out from round tables

10:50 am – Closing Statements

11:00 am – End of 2017 Summit

Summer 2016 University Rundowns

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2016 Summer Proceedings

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2016 Schedule

Day 1 – Thursday

3:00pm         Welcome / Teambuilders

4:00pm         Who are we?

7:30pm         Trust-building activities


Day 2 – Friday

8:30am         Breakfast

9:00am         Successes / Challenges we face

10:45am       Who are we as a collaborative?

1:15pm          Break-out into functional areas – Purpose

2:30pm         Bathroom break

2:45pm         Evidence-based practice – large group discussion.

4pm               Coffee, snacks, networking

4:30               Where are we going and why?

5:30pm         Break and Prep for dinner

7pm                Dinner


Day 3 – Saturday

8:30am       Breakfast

9:30am       What do future experiences look like?

11:00am       Closing and exchange contact

12:30pm      Depart