Our Purpose

The Leadership Educators Network Summit (LENS) is an annual gathering of both curricular and co-curricular leadership educators across the Big10.  We established a network of  Big10 leadership educators to understand who we are as leadership educators, the context of our work, and how we can advance leadership education in the field, efficiently and effectively, through student-centered exchanges, knowledge sharing and collaborative problem solving.

As leadership educators we have the opportunity to impact over a half a million students each year. By coming together annually, we are better able to create more meaningful, relevant, and effective programs across the Big10.  

The goals of the LENS are fourfold:

1. Networking/making authentic connections with other leadership educators to support collaboration and resource sharing outside of the annual summit

2. Keeping each other informed on the biggest issues facing our campuses as they relate to leadership education in order to help Big10 campuses stay relevant and informed

3. Leveraging knowledge production and resources in order to support the positive evolution of the field

4. Bridging the gap between Student Affairs and Academic departments by having a campus representative from each area attend as a campus team and work together toward shred campus goals



Big Ten Leadership Educators’ Network Summit – Agenda

July 31st to August 2nd, 2018

University of Minnesota

President’s Room

Coffman Memorial Union

Tuesday July 31:

Theme for the Day: Setting the Context

Noon to 1:00pm: Registration open, President’s Room (room 332), Coffman Memorial Union

1:00pm – Welcome

Maggie Towle  – Vice Provost for Student Affairs – University of Minnesota

Linnette Werner and Erik Dussault

1:45pm – Intro and get to know you activities (Barb)

3:15pm – Break

3:30pm – Setting things up (Matt)

4:30pm – Campus Issues (Kris)

6:30pm – Dinner – the Loring

Wednesday, August 1  

Theme for the Day: Using the MSL Across the Big10

Breakfast on your own (See suggestions in your folder and welcome email)

9:00 am – Welcome and regroup (Erik & Linnette)

9:30am – Multi-institutional Study of Leadership (Beth/Sophie)

10:30am – Break

10:45am – MSL What We’ve Learned (Sophia/Beth/Krista)

12:00 pm – Lunch (in President’s Room)

12:30 — Optional tour of campus or union

1:00pm – Sharing MSL Data

Writing for publication – (Krista)

Data Visualization 101 – (Beth)

3:00pm – Break

3:15pm – Good Practices in Leadership Assessment Across the Big 10

Ill Assessment (Gayle, Beth)

Michigan Analytics Salesforce (Steve)

Wi (Barb)

UNL (Kris)

4:00pm – Professional Development (Gayle/Kris)

What conferences do you go to?

Session submissions — let’s work on some together

5:30 pm – Dinner:  Sally’s

Thursday, August 2 –

Theme for the Day: Summary and Future Planning

Breakfast on your own (see suggested list in your folder and welcome email)

9:00 am – Compiling our knowledge (Steve)

10:00am – Succession Planning for future Summit (Matt, Erik)

10:50 am – Closing (Linnette/Erik)

11:00am – End of 2018 Summit