Our Purpose

We established a network of leadership educators in the Big 10 to understand who we are, the context of our work, and how we can advance leadership education in the field, efficiently and effectively, through student-centered exchanges, dissemination of knowledge through white papers, and collaborative problem solving.

The goals of the program include:

  • Leverage Big 10 brand and network to advance leadership education in order to benefit the public good
    • In keeping with our mission to serve our communities, we aim to contribute to global citizenship, social responsibility, and common good
  • As leadership educators we have the opportunity to impact half a million students
  • We get together to discuss how we can make student experience more meaningful
  • Create knowledge and put it into practice
  • Celebrated the potential partnerships as we are comprised of both academic and co-curricular educators
  • Enhance student success and demonstrate evidence-based learning and practice
  • Share common issues and create efficient processes
  • Grow better programs out of the commonalities we share as the Big 10