Connect with others changing the world. Teach yourself to live a more courageous life. Build a transformative leadership program. Next conference coming in 2019.

The Leadership Minor is the largest undergraduate leadership minor in the world and has been recognized for its excellence in innovation and programming by the Association of Leadership Educators

  • 2016 Program of the Year,

  • 2016 Outstanding Innovation Practice,

as well as NASPA: 2001 NASPA award for Exemplary Programs.

I really enjoyed the training! I have taken so much away from this experience, that I feel a little guilty that I didn’t give enough in return. The training provided me with so many opportunities to reflect, think, focus and express myself in ways I didn’t even know that I was capable of or really expected to at this training. I am energized to go back to my campus and do great things. Keep up the good work and I hope our paths cross again sometime soon!

2016 EYL Attendee

Great opportunity for me. I look forward to continuing these conversations through many different avenues. The [Leadership Minor] has clearly done great work and continues to refine, research, and improve.

2016 EYL Attendee

Thank you so much! Your hard work was so appreciated and I’m refreshed and reenergized and made some new friends and connections.

2016 EYL Attendee