Leadership in Careers Program


Leadership in Careers (LinC) is a  program which welcomes and encourages students of any major and any age/year in school to participate. The program focuses on building leadership skills applicable to any field of study and chosen career path.

Leadership in Careers (LinC) is a 6 week long professional development program with distinct approaches to integrating leadership into personal branding, public speaking, networking, interviewing and professionalism. The objective of the program is to utilize all of the leadership experiences and skills learned in LinC during internship fairs and future career endeavors.

Beginning January 27th, students will participate in a 4 hour-long leadership summit, which focuses on personal leadership style, community building and professional communication techniques. Following the leadership summit, students will attend weekly meetings with the goal of infusing leadership into their career visioning and goal-setting. Prior to attending the Career and Internship Fair, there will be a networking event, which are opportunities to successfully execute leadership skills learned throughout the program.

The tentative schedule for this year’s program is as follows:

January 27th, Noon-4 pm: Leadership Launch

January 30th, 7-8 pm: Public Speaking & Presence

February 6th, 7-8 pm: Social Media & Personal Branding

February 13th, 7-8 pm: Leveraging Your Leadership in Interviews

February 20th, 7-9 pm: Networking Event

February 26th, all day: U of M Job and Internship Fair

February 27th, 7-8 pm: Diversity/Inclusion, Career Fair Reflection

March 6th, 7-8 pm: Closing Celebration

For more information, email linc@umn.edu.

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