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Deven Harlan and Witney Bjerke

The end of the semester in the Leadership Minor is always exciting and intense.  A spirit of resilience is present as students complete final papers and group projects, as instructors and teaching assistants determine grades and provide feedback.  There is a sense of ambiguity as we wonder if all of our hard work has paid off, if we indeed have made an impact.

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Living through Transition

Witney Bjerke

A student of mine wrote once that the first page of a journal is the most memorable, which peaked my curiosity.  I thought extra long about this idea when I read it, as it holds significant merit.  This evening, I returned to this particular journal with anticipation to write on the FIRST page, only to find that I had already written on it.  Today marks the 21st of October, and I had written on September 29th.  Ironically, the inspiration and essence of writing then is the same today.


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