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Click here for some forced inspiration!

Maria Versteeg

The idea of leadership that I signed up for is one of hospitality, connection, and love. And I just can’t help but ask… Why does this idea of leadership often leave me feeling alone, hurt, and tired?

Leadership has so much to do with being present and paying attention to the world around you, and yet, there never seems to be a day that goes by without hearing about a hurricane, an enraging policy change, or even a mass shooting. Every day I am reminded that being fully awake in the spaces around me is opening myself up to a literal world of pain and human suffering. Continue reading “Click here for some forced inspiration!”

This Is(n’t) a Post About Politics

Maria Versteeg

Last week when I agreed to write for the Leadership Minor blog, I had no idea the rollercoaster of emotions that was to ensue following November 8. I tried endlessly to avoid talking about politics in this post. But then I realized…

Leadership isn’t about avoiding the controversial; leadership is about diving into messy, emotional and complicated topics and conversations with thoughtful abandon and curiosity. Continue reading “This Is(n’t) a Post About Politics”