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Who am I?

Julia Volker

I am creating an identity web as an assignment for a summer class. Combing my life and memories for all the big feelings, attitudes, and lens that I see my life through. What do I do with my free time? What does my job/major/dreams say about my life? What are my emotions and what things do I like to do? Why do I like to do them? What do I want to define me? Who am I?

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Give Yourself Permission

Julia Volker

In the leadership class I TA for, a student brought in a poem to share by Mary Oliver that hit me like a wave. When you have had a feeling for so long but couldn’t describe it until now. The idea that you shouldn’t feel guilty or pressured to be a certain way. This is such an easy and obvious statement but it happens to us so subliminally. We see society and feel a need for belonging so we are attracted to the new and popular as if we should also be into these sort of things. For me, it’s important to be self-aware and to recognize what’s going on, but then able to give yourself this release when you need it.

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