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I thought my orchid was dying

Jessica Chung

OrchidAnyone who knows me knows that I can’t be trusted with a plant.  Notoriously, plants wilt on my watch, which is why I thought getting an orchid would be a great idea.  I’ve been told that they are tough plants that need very little maintenance as long as I put an ice cube in it every week. It seemed easy enough, and they are absolutely beautiful, so I bought one for my apartment to give my room some life.

I was diligent.  I put my ice cube in each week (I think). It was placed carefully by a window that got a lot of that Instagram-worthy natural light.  Then, after two weeks, my fears were coming true: The flowers, one by one, begin to shrivel.

Worse, one by one, a flower would fall each week, tumbling from the stem to my (dusty) window sill. Continue reading “I thought my orchid was dying”

Leadership & Traffic

Jessica Chung

After a full day at work, I settle into my car to make the trek across rush hour traffic home.  If you’re from around here, you know that merging onto highway 94 from anywhere can be quite a hellish experience between the sheer number of cars, the amount (or lack) of mental presence of yourself and the drivers around you, and whatever Minnesota weather was throwing at you that particular moment.

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The Shortcuts We Take

Jessica Chung

One of the greatest blessings in my life has been a group of friends that I’ve had for the last 15 years.  We went through the awkwardness of middle and high school years, navigating young adulthood, college transitions, many relationships come and gone, first jobs, marriages, and more. This is the group I’ve celebrated with, laughed with, shared with.  But as I’ve grown, reflected, and changed, I also realized this is is also the group I’ve taken a lot of shortcuts with.

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Lettering & Intention

Jessica Chung

Poor photo quality aside, let me tell you about this hobby of mine.  I’ve admired letterforms since I was young when my mother taught me basic italic calligraphy. It’s a creative outlet to have fun with notes, cards, or papers and recently I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different tools and honing this craft. Continue reading “Lettering & Intention”