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Unapologetically Infusing Social Justice in Leadership Studies Curriculum

Jason Jackson

Resilient CampusTime for a quick break from our summer hiatus! We invited you to listen to the most recent episode of Resilient Campus, where Leadership Minor Instructor Jason Jackson shares his experiences and insights as a queer man of color and the influence of his own femininity as a professional in college and university environments. Within his role developing curriculum in the Leadership Studies minor, he is able to infuse social justice content and identity-based work into faculty training. Jason shares strategies for self-care, staying in the work, and finding joy, laughter, and humor to sustain our personal and professional wellbeing. He shares a beautiful piece of writing from James Baldwin’s book, “The Fire Next Time” and a podcast that frames the work Jason is able to do in college environments. Listen below, or view this post on our website if you’re viewing this via email. Continue reading “Unapologetically Infusing Social Justice in Leadership Studies Curriculum”

Why Safe Safe(r) Spaces Matter

Jason Jackson

Students Gathering

Lately there a have been a lot of critics that characterize college students who create and seek out safe(r) spaces on their campuses as, whiny students who can’t bare to hear or deal with opposing viewpoints. For instance, comedian Adam Corolla and radio host Dennis Prager are set to release a documentary that intends to mock the importance of these spaces on college campuses.

Safer or as some may refer to them as Brave Spaces are no laughing matter! Safe Spaces are intentional spaces where participants agree to have zero tolerance for microagressions, discrimination and violence; both verbal or physical. The underlying purpose of these spaces are for individuals to have the ability to learn and grow without the worrying about being attacked for their perspectives. Continue reading “Why Safe Safe(r) Spaces Matter”