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As You Begin…

Orientation LeadersWelcome back for another school year! We look forward to growing and experiencing another year along with you all. With that, we are bringing the blog back for another year! We would love your voice to be featured, so please click here for some info on writing for us! And now, without further ado, please enjoy our first post of the semester!

David Hellstrom

My 18-year old son went away to college this year.

Before he left he said to me “isn’t this where you sit me down and tell me everything I need to know before I leave – you know, the words of wisdom speech.”

My first response was to laugh. “I don’t think that’s how it works, son. My guess is you need to find out all of those things by yourself. I am not sure how helpful I would be.” Continue reading “As You Begin…”

I Know What This Means To Me

David Hellstrom

One of the things we teach in our Leadership Minor is that when you offer a class a new piece of content, be it an inspiration video or an interview with a noted leader, even a news article on a critical topic, after you are done presenting that content, you stop.

Well, you don’t actually stop, it is more like you pause. You pause because normally what happens here in most aspects of life is after you introduce something to the world you immediately want to tell everyone why you like it and what it means. That makes sense. You are excited about the inspiration or you are like minded with the leader or you agree with the interpretation of the news. Continue reading “I Know What This Means To Me”

Cut It Out!

David Hellstrom

It’s almost like I’m a brand new person.

Don’t get me wrong – the old me wasn’t all that bad – in fact, using my own personal goal of “being happy with who I am and excited about who I’m becoming” I was, for the most part, happy with who I was. But I also had so many edges, so much anxiety, so many triggers, so much fear of disappointing those that I loved and respected that I wanted to keep trying to move to a “who I’m becoming” that was more decent, more calm, more human.

So about nine months ago I did something pretty radical (for me).

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Are You Ready?

David Hellstrom

I was so nervous.  I was in Orlando to give the keynote speech at a conference.  What I had written leading up to this big speech was meaningful to me and I think powerful thoughts but I had never give this speech before and I was anxious about how I would do.  Much of the night before as I had tried to sleep I would be awoken with an urgent thought – “don’t forget to tell this story” or “maybe I should switch the order of the outline” –so to make matters worse I was tired and after four cups of coffee, a bit jumpy.

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Value Shopping

David Hellstrom

If you were to walk into the back of our Leadership Minor office to where I work with my colleagues, you would know which place was mine fairly easily.  I work at a standing desk in the corner and other than the mess, the several bags of potato chips (my kryptonite) and the various Winnie the Pooh quotes taped to the wall, it is fairly unremarkable.  What makes it stand out are the things hanging from the ceiling.

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Walking Darefully

David Hellstrom

Isn’t music wonderful?  Like many of us I often go to my favorite songs for joy, for relaxation, but also for inspiration.  One of my favorite songs that never fails to move me is called “By My Side” from the musical Godspell.  The opening lyrics are as follows:

“Where are you going?  Where are you going?

Can you take me with you?

For my hand is cold and needs warmth.

Where are you going?”

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Driving Lessons

David Hellstrom

One of the responsibilities of fatherhood (it’s own form of leadership) is teaching my children how to drive. That process is hard enough on its own – but what makes it even more difficult is the fact that young people have to learn how to drive on the road that seems to be more and more filled with impatient, self-absorbed, horrible drivers.

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