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No Joy in the Comfort Zone

Cayley Reif

a-macro-shot-of-a-pet-betta-fish_BFBxpSAHo-683x1024When I first came to the Leadership Office I was happy to see that we had an office pet, a beta fish named Joy. Joy lives in a half gallon tank next to our front desk and is there to great all our visitors with his bright colors. By chance I had researched beta fish and their needs a few months before when we were getting a new tank for my partner’s fish. I wondered if a beta might fit in the small one gallon tank I had for my own desk at the time. To my surprise I found that my tank was far too small for what should be considered happy beta fish habitat. So, when I came to the office and found a fish in the same predicament that I had nearly put one in, I quickly suggested that this be changed. In the space he has now there is room for a five or even a ten gallon tank. This would give him more room to move, room for habitat to hide in, plants, and things to play with. At first the response from my coworkers was positive. They agreed, even offering to pitch in monetarily to help purchase the new habitat. Then I got sick and busy and distracted with my own problems and when I came back to the subject the view had changed drastically. No one else was in favor of changing Joy’s home anymore.

This started me thinking about that change. About how badly I missed the mark on this project, about how apt Joy’s name is, about the continuous improvement we strive for in evaluation, and about one of our office’s favorite mottos: no growth in the comfort zone. Continue reading “No Joy in the Comfort Zone”