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Optimism vs. Positivity

Anna Capeder

Recently, I had a revelational self-discovery.  I wanted to share this with others, in case it resonates with you, too!

If you know me, you know I am undoubtedly a positive person.  I look on the brightside, find the silver-lining in everything, and try to make others smile.  Therefore, when I took THIS quiz (originally published in “Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life” by Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D), I was astonished when the results indicated I was “very pessimistic” (I mean, I scored a NEGATIVE number!).   Continue reading “Optimism vs. Positivity”

Yep, it’s midterms.

Anna Capeder

Yep, it’s midterms. Literally and figuratively. Students and Instructors alike are consumed with projects, papers, quizzes, exams, assignments, speeches, etc. It seems like everyone is overly tired, a little disoriented, and a lotta stressed out. We stay up past our bedtimes, and wake earlier than our alarms. We offer excuses for why things aren’t done, or why they aren’t done as well as we hoped. We ask to reschedule our commitments, and purposefully postpone anything that requires our precious brainpower. We criticise ourselves and participate in negative self-talk. We want someone to hold us, tell us it’ll all be OK, and this too shall pass. It is our version of Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day [or week(s)!]. Continue reading “Yep, it’s midterms.”

Reflecting on (& Progressing in) Our Leadership Journeys

Anna Capeder

I found the Leadership Minor as a sophomore student.  My roommate was a transfer student and her advisor encouraged her to take Personal Leadership in the University to build a sense of community at the large University of Minnesota campus.  Throughout the semester, my roommate continued to “bring leadership class home”.  Some days, she was furious at the instructor and asked for guidance as she composed frustrated emails.  Other days, she was inspired and couldn’t wait for the next class.  Understandably, her actions (and reactions!) sparked my curiosity and I knew I had to enroll in the class during spring semester to figure out what this whole Leadership Minor thing was about.

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Love What You Do

Anna Capeder

My partner and I enjoyed a delicious meal at Hell’s Kitchen this past weekend.  We sat in the Underground Room to enjoy the wonderful live music, compliments of The Flood Brothers (as a side note: we really enjoyed the band! Check them out!).  Towards the end of our brunch, the band took a well-deserved break.  As they transitioned back into music, the singer spoke on behalf of the band, stating,
“We love what we do.  Do you love what you do?”

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Constant Reminder to Self: SLOW DOWN!

Anna Capeder

Do you ever walk into a room and look for the nearest clock?  I know I do.  I have to know what time it is, all of the time.  Not knowing the time drives me absolutely crazy.  You’d think I’d wear a watch, but that is a completely separate fashion-related conversation I won’t bore you with.  Although it is a generalization, I believe American culture places value on efficiency, speed, punctuality, etc.  I hold true to this statement as I have a deep (and irrational) fear of not being timely.  Although I am cognizant of this fear, I had a wake-up call recently that I’d like to share with our readers.  

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What would you do?

Anna Capeder

Since working at the U, I’ve become a strong supporter of public transportation.  I love (almost) everything about public transportation including: extra time to complete quick tasks that I couldn’t squeeze into the work day, time to decompress and reflect on the day’s events, the opportunity to have conversations with random people, and most importantly, not having to navigate busy highway traffic on a daily basis.  For the first time ever, I view my commute as “me time” and although I haven’t confirmed with my doctor, I am confident my blood pressure peaks less times in the day.  

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