The Second Post in As Many Days

Harley – the Leadership Minor Mascot.
Harley – the Leadership Minor Mascot.

Well, this is almost unheard of – this is the second post this week! This one’s a little different, though. Similar to our end of fall semester-break, Views from the Leadership will be going on hiatus for summer.

But that isn’t the only news I have for you today! After much planning and behind the scenes work, Views from the Leadership will be transferring over to beginning today. Don’t worry – you’ll find all the same posts there, and the old links will still work. This means a few things, which our team is excited to announce:

  • A new design! The VFTL website now matches the Leadership Minor website exactly.
  • More recognizable! The domain change adds credibility to the site by having it appear on an University domain

We look forward to returning in the fall semester with new posts, thoughts, and perspectives. If you’d like to get yourself on the fall schedule for posting, click here! We’d love to hear from you!

For those of you who are currently subscribed to our site via email – your addresses will be transferring to the new site today. Make sure to hit “Confirm” on an email from us which will be forthcoming!


Nick Mabee

Views from the Leadership Editor

Nick Mabee is a Leadership Minor Student Associate in charge of web maintenance and external marketing. While he’s not working, he attends the University for Communication Studies, IT, and Leadership. His absolute favorite thing is his dog Harley, pictured above.