LEAD-UP provides a wide variety of leadership opportunities for undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota. The programs and resources are designed to provide you with real-world leadership training and experience, often beyond campus and within the greater Twin Cities community. Initiatives range from the academic Leadership Minor to group based Leadership Enrichment Programs.

Leadership Minor

Students in a CircleThe 17-credit Leadership Minor program is interdisciplinary, multidimensional, experiential, and global. Students explore and experience multiple frameworks of leadership. The program prepares them for real-life leadership experiences, both on campus and in the larger global community.

Leadership Enrichment Programs

Students with BalloonsLEP provides learning in a non-academic environment. The programs and resources are designed to provide you with real-world leadership training and experience. Programs include the First Year Leadership Institute, Leadership in Careers, and the Tom Burnett Advanced Leadership Program.

Other LEAD-UP Programs


Big 10 Leadership Educators
Network Summit


We established a network of leadership educators in the Big 10 to understand who we are, the context of our work, and how we can advance leadership education in the field, efficiently and effectively, through student-centered exchanges, dissemination of knowledge through white papers, and collaborative problem solving.


New York City & San
Francisco Internships


The University of Minnesota Global Leadership Program offers to you a New York City and a San Francisco internship program that carefully evaluates each student. All interns participate in an intercultural leadership course designed to provide you the tools to successfully navigate your internships.


Views from
the Leadership


Your thoughts are likely not just limited to issues, but also to the kind of leadership, the kind of values, the kind of strengths that make up what types of leaders need to step forward. You may have examples of how others have shown courage and connection and vision in a way that attracted you to them. So tell us.